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A 65-carat pair of perfectly-matched, large, rare, high-grade turquoise stones from the Blue Diamond Mine, Nevada

This exceptional pair of perfectly-matched, high-grade, natural Blue Diamond, Nevada turquoise stones would make an absolutely marvelous pair of gold or silver earrings. The stones measure 1 1/2" in length and 5/8" in width and they are lightly backed for strength. The Blue Diamond mine, located in central Nevada, began producing in the late 1950’s and was active for twenty-plus years until closing permanently in 1980.

The Blue Diamond Mine was a so-called “hat mine”. There were only a few other such turquoise mines, the most notable of which was the famous Lander Blue mine. A "hat mine" is essentially a deposit of turquoise which is so small that, as the miners would say, “you can cover it with your hat.” Blue Diamond turquoise was most typically found in sheets taken from veins of turquoise deposited in the surrounding rock and it is characterized by a dark, smoky black chert matrix surrounded by a brilliant sky-blue.

Price $975/Pair

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