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An Acoma Pueblo black-on-white “Mimbres-Revival” style

pottery cup by Frances Torivio, circa 1980’s-1990’s

We think the art on this little piece is just fantastic. One side has a marvelous “Mimbres-Revival” depiction of a stylized bird and the other side has an equally wonderful depiction of a butterfly. Frances Torivio (d. 2001) was an extremely traditional Acoma potter who earned her very considerable reputation by adhering to the old-style motifs and methods. She was well-known for her preference for reviving prehistoric-style effigy jars and her updated, modern versions of other ancient designs such as those on this cup.

The cup measures 3” in height and 4 1/2” in diameter including the handle and is in excellent original condition. It is signed “Frances Torivio, Acoma, NM” on the bottom. This is a most striking and elegant modern piece done in a great old style.

Price $325

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