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A wonderful Hopi inlaid-silver cuff bracelet by Charles Loloma, 1975

We have been buying, selling and collecting Charles Loloma’s (1921-1991) remarkable jewelry for over 30 years now, and, in our view, this piece is as outstanding in every way--concept, design, execution, technical proficiency, pure beauty and "soul" as it ever gets. This is a very "painterly" and evocative piece which perfectly captures the contours, colors and feeling of the Hopi mesas. In fact, one could think of this piece not only as a beautiful piece of jewelry but also as a gorgeous, small painting executed in silver on stone. We are very pleased to be the first to be able to publicly offer this bracelet for sale since it was originally purchased directly from Charles Loloma at his Hotevilla, Third Mesa studio at Hopi some 40 years ago in 1975.

This bracelet is nothing short of a masterpiece of 20th century art, pure and simple, by one of the century’s most significant and influential artists. From the late 1950’s through the 1980’s, Charles Loloma’s exciting, stunning jewelry changed the entire landscape and trajectory of Native American Art almost singlehandedly. When you look at this incredible bracelet, it’s easy to see why he had such a profound and lasting impact.

Price available on request


The inside circumference of the bracelet end-to-end is 5 13/16" and the gap between terminals is 1" for a total interior circumference of 6 13/16". The continuous width end-to-end is 1 3/8". The width of the inlay panel is 3/4". The overall “height” is 1/4". The bracelet weighs a substantial 106 grams or 3 3/4 ounces. The inlay panel is composed of 34 separate hand-cut pieces of desert ironwood, ebony, cocobola wood, three types of turquoise, red coral and lapis lazuli. The bracelet is properly signed "Loloma" on the interior in a particularly well-done version of the artist's customary and beautiful hand-engraved signature and it is in excellent original condition.