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A splendid, early pair of Charles Loloma “shield-style”

inlaid-silver dangle earrings, circa 1970’s

These outstanding earrings look as fresh and striking as they did the day they were made 40 some years ago. They have been existing in a time warp of sorts. They were recently acquired directly from the estate of a Loloma family member who had owned them since the day Charles Loloma finished them.

The mosaic inlay features a large, central piece of deep-brown desert ironwood set in a shallow silver “bezel within a bezel” surrounded by smaller stones; several varieties of blue and green turquoise, blue lapis, red coral and a small piece of deep green malachite. 

The earrings are 2 3/8” in height, measured from the top of the earring to the bottom of the dangles and they are 7/8” in width at their widest point across the top. The earrings weigh a very comfortable

9 grams or 3/8 ounce each. We recently had them converted from their original clip closures to posts

by one of Charles Loloma’s longtime jewelry colleagues. The earrings are in excellent original condition and both earrings are properly and beautifully signed “Loloma” on the back.

These earrings are excellent, early examples of a most extraordinary master artist’s work, worthy of any museum or private collection anywhere.

Price $7,650

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Earrings before the clips were converted to posts