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A pair of Lovely Hopi silver and hand-carved Lapis

Lazuli stud earrings by Charles Loloma, c.1980

Here are some beautiful, classic, timeless stud earrings from the magical hands of the great Hopi jewelry master. They have a quiet elegance and serene confidence about them; they don’t have to shout how great they are, they just exude their greatness; existentialism in a pair of earrings, if you will.

The large deep blue lapis lazuli stones are perfectly matched and very carefully and subtly hand-shaped, then beautifully set into the elegant round fabricated silver body of the earrings. The work is very cleanly and precisely done and the subtle contours of the stones catch the light very interestingly, revealing various shades and gradations of the deep blues in the lapis.

The earrings measure a very good-sized 9/16” in diameter and they are 1/4” in depth not counting the length of the posts. They weigh an extremely comfortable 4 grams or 1/8 ounce each and they are in completely excellent original condition. Each earring is signed “Loloma” on the back in Charles Loloma’s characteristic and striking 11-stroke hand-engraved signature.

These earrings are the very definition of the word “Classic”...works by an artist of exceptional ability which can be worn anywhere, anytime, under any circumstances, basically forever and they will always be beautiful, stylish and completely compelling. Can’t ask more from a piece of jewelry, or anything else for that matter.

Price $2,800

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