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A contemporary, hand-carved wooden

bulto of “El Santo Nino de Atocha”

(The Holy Child of Atocha) by Howard Shupe

A marvelous and very expressive little bulto with tons of personality by the extremely talented contemporary wood carver, Howard Shupe, presently age 90, son of the renowned New Mexico Santero, furniture maker and Devotional Art collector, dealer and restorer, Elmer Shupe of Taos, NM.

Howard, who grew up in Taos, and later moved to Arizona began carving bultos much later in his life in the 1960‘s after his retirement from the U.S. Forest Service. Shupe collects all of his own cottonwood and carves and paints everything on his figures by hand. The bulto measures 7 3/4” in height, 5 1/2” in width and 5 1/2” in depth.  It is in pristine original condition as we recently acquired it directly from the artist.

It is signed “H. Shupe” on the bottom.

Price $525

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