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A pair of contemporary Navajo silver earrings set with large, matched triangular "Nevada Blue" turquoise stones by Debbie Silversmith, circa 2010

These earrings are 2 3/8" in length, 5/8" in maximum width. They weigh 8 grams or .28 ounces each. The turquoise stones in these earrings are a very rare and highly sought-after variety of turquoise known as "Nevada Blue" for its extraordinary, vibrant blue color. The earrings are in new original condition and are signed “Debbie” and stamped with Debbie Silversmith's Navajo Hogan insignia on the back.


Debbie Silversmith is an emerging Navajo artist with an extremely distinguished lineage. She is the grand-daughter of the renowned Navajo jeweler, teacher and former director of the Navajo Arts and Crafts Guild, Kenneth Begay, the aptly named “Father of Modern Navajo jewelry” whose elegant, streamlined designs and impeccable craftsmanship help revolutionize Native American jewelry beginning in the 1940's and continuing through his death in 1977. Debbie Silversmith’s work is deeply inspired by her Grandfather's designs and craftsmanship, but with her own personal twist. We think quite a lot of her work, artistically and technically, and we believe that it also offers excellent value at a reasonable cost.      The earrings are  in new original condition.

Price $675

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