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A beautiful Acoma Pueblo, NM black-on-white pottery

pendant with an ancient Mimbres-style painted pictorial

design by Emma Lewis, c.1960’s-70’s

EMMA LEWIS (1931-2013) was born into a very distinguished family of pottery-makers at Acoma Pueblo whose Matriarch was her Mother, the renowned 20th century pottery artist, Lucy Martin Lewis (1890’s-1992) who was known for her precisely painted black and white fine-line designs and beautiful animal forms based on ancient prehistoric pottery motifs. Under her Mother’s tutelage, Emma began actively making pottery in the early 1950’s and she continued doing so for the next 60 years until her death in 2013. Emma’s excellent pottery, like her famous Mother’s, is also characterized by its fine thin walls and precisely painted designs often featuring ancient imagery drawn from her personal interpretations of classic prehistoric pottery designs from the Mimbres culture of southern New Mexico and the Anasazi culture of the Chacoan Pueblos which were located very close to Acoma.

The painted design of this lovely pendant is Emma Lewis’ “revival” style interpretation of an ancient Mimbres rabbit design which often appears on Classic Period (1050-1200 A.D.) Mimbres picture bowls such as the ones pictured above. Rabbits, of course, were and are an important food source for Southwestern native peoples and their fertility is also a symbol of nature’s richness and bounty.

The pendant measures 2 1/2” in length and is 2” in width. It is very gracefully domed in profile and is about 3/4” in depth. The pendant is in pristine original condition and it is properly signed “Emma Lewis” on the back in Emma’s characteristic signature. It could be worn, if desired, on a black silk jewelry cord or on a leather or suede thong. This pendant is a beautiful piece of pottery you can wear around your neck as an equally beautiful piece of jewelry.

Price $425

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