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An extremely dramatic pair of fabricated silver, red coral,

blue lapis and turquoise dangle earrings by Eveli Sabatie, c.1980’s

This wonderful pair of silver earrings beautifully showcases the unbridled and exuberant creativity of Eveli Sabatie’s jewelry. Eveli Sabatie (French-Moroccan, b.1940) began her jewelry career in 1968 as an apprentice to the groundbreaking Hopi jewelry master, Charles Loloma, and she very quickly established her own unique and highly-distinctive style of jewelry, melding influences which she absorbed during her time at Hopi with Loloma with those from her earlier life in her native Algeria and Morocco. The result is a daring and unprecedented synthesis of form and color delivered with an often astonishing degree of technical virtuosity.

These earrings are intentionally asymmetrical. The “red” earring is made of silver set with two red coral stones and the other “Blue” earring is made of silver set with one turquoise and one blue Lapis Lazuli stone. The stones are beautifully set, the top stone in each earring is very cleanly set directly into the silver body of the earring while the bottom stone is set into an oval-shaped serrated silver bezel. Please notice the interesting detail of the fine hammering on the earring’s double silver dangles, which, due to their hammering catch and reflect the light in interesting, ever-changing ways. The earrings measure a dramatic 3 3/4” in length overall measured from the top of the beautifully hand-fashioned integral silver hanging hooks to the bottom of the two silver dangles and they are 1 3/8” in width at their widest point. They weigh a very comfortable 9 grams or 3/8 ounce each.

The earrings are in excellent original condition.

These earrings have the finest possible provenance; they recently came from Eveli Sabatie’s personal collection of her own jewelry. Eveli told us that she had kept them stored deep in the bottom of her safe for years and that she had finally decided to let them go. The earrings are not signed as there is really no place on them where they could be properly signed, but they will come with a certificate of authenticity signed by Eveli herself.

These earrings have a unique spatial quality and an absolutely wonderful presence, they are really like small three-dimensional ear sculptures. A pair of little masterpieces by an enormously talented artist.

Price $4,650

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Certificate of Authenticity signed and dated by Eveli Sabatie, August 6, 2016.