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An extraordinary silver, Chinese turquoise and black jade cuff bracelet by Eveli Sabatie, Santa Fe, NM, c. late 1980’s-early 1990’s

This bracelet is one of the very finest pieces that we have ever seen by the great jeweler, Eveli Sabatie (French-Moroccan, b.1940). It has everything that we love about Eveli’s work; extraordinary exuberant creativity, startling originality, a unique and powerful design concept, interesting and often unexpected use of unusual materials and unparalleled almost breathtaking craftsmanship. We recently showed photos of this piece to Eveli to ask her about the concept and materials and here, just below is an excerpt from her reply. It’s an unprecedented pleasure and privilege to be able to hear such articulate and eloquently expressed design statements directly from such an intelligent, accomplished, inspired artist. Not for nothing does Eveli Sabatie hold a Ph.D. in languages from the Sorbonne in Paris which is quite a unique distinction among artists.

"The Greening after the Fire"was made in the late 80's or even more likely early 90's.

It was born from my experience of seeing everything, after the great fires in our mountain ranges,

turning green in the spring all around the majestic and shiny, beautifully charcoaled tree trunks.

It was born also after I had purchased a gorgeous chunk of black jade. So, the materials are Chinese Turquoise (always loved the black matrix) and black jade.”

-Eveli Sabatie

March, 2018

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The construction of the bracelet is well worth discussing in some detail. It is incredibly, almost unbelievably complex and difficult. Eveli inlaid an elaborate stone-to-stone mosaic inlay of around 17 separate pieces of Chinese spiderweb turquoise and then interspersed 6 separate raised panels of hand-carved black jade, all of differing widths and shapes, each of which is enclosed within its own individual silver channel inlay. The level of skill, strength and concentration required to plan and pull this off is almost impossible to imagine. Aesthetically, the dynamic juxtaposition and interplay between the deep black matrix in the turquoise and the black jade all set against the background of the vivid blue-green of the turquoise is completely masterful and brings Eveli’s description of her rejuvenating forest inspiration for the piece completely and beautifully to life.

Eveli’s obvious deep appreciation and understanding of the natural world, born in part of her early years in the

stark desert splendor of her Native North Africa and accentuated by her four years on the high Hopi mesas working as apprentice to Charles Loloma all followed by her 20-plus years amidst the rugged high-mountain beauty and wildness of northern New Mexico truly inform this remarkable piece giving it an underlying sense of origin and place while her use of the exotic, other-side-of-the-world asian materials of Chinese turquoise and black jade give it the “international” feeling which suffuses so much of her work. In our view, Eveli should not be seen so much as being a “Southwestern” or “Native” artist though she certainly draws inspiration from those worlds, she is on a much larger artistic stage and much more of

a “world” artist, in our view.

Eveli Sabatie making jewelry in her Santa Fe studio, c. 1970‘s.

Photo ©  Richard Smith

The bracelet measures 1 3/4” in width all the way around. The inner circumference is on the small to medium sized 5 1/4” inches and the gap between the terminals is 15/16” for a total interior circumference of 6 3/16”. The bracelet weighs a substantial 140 grams or slightly under 5 ounces. The bracelet is in outstanding original condition, particularly for its 25-30 years of age, and looks as if it was seldom, if ever worn. It is properly signed “Eveli” on the interior in her customary and distinctive signature and it is also marked “Sterling".

This bracelet is a truly remarkable piece that anyone, private individual or public institution, would be fortunate

to possess; a unique masterpiece by a distinguished and brilliant artist infused with incredible aesthetic beauty and

fierce artistic intelligence.

Price available upon request