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A carved wooden roadrunner by George Lopez,

Cordova, New Mexico, circa 1950's-1960's

A beautiful, hand-carved aspen wood roadrunner by the extraordinary New Mexico folk art wood carver George Lopez of Cordova, New Mexico. Together with his father, the brilliant carver Jose Dolores Lopez, George Lopez helped establish a New Mexico folk-art carving tradition which continues strongly to this day. George Lopez and his extended family's work can be found in Museums throughout the Southwest and the U.S. in general and has been the subject of numerous important exhibitions.

This whimsical depiction of the New Mexico state bird measures

17" long and 6" height and is in very good original condition with the exception of the fact that the bird’s head was broken off and glued back on at some point. In our view, this doesn’t interfere with the visual enjoyment of the piece. The bird is signed "George Lopez" on the bottom in the artist's characteristic cursive signature rendered in blue ballpoint pen.  

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