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A beautiful, contemporary Laguna Pueblo, New Mexico

glass trade bead necklace with five handmade copper “Dragonfly”

style crosses by Greg Lewis, c.1990’s

This gorgeous necklace is a marvelous modern-day iteration of the distinctive turn-of-the-century, historic European glass trade bead and silver cross necklaces originally made at the neighboring Pueblos of Isleta and Laguna in central New Mexico.

Originally adapted from an ancient middle European design known as “The Patriarchal Cross”", which was brought to the New World by Jesuit missionaries, the double-barred or “Dragonfly” cross was readily adopted into Pueblo Indian culture because it so closely resembled the dragonfly, a sacred symbol of water and fertility. Here renowned contemporary Laguna Pueblo silversmith, Greg Lewis has hand fashioned five, beautiful, matching “dragonfly” crosses in copper and decorated them with striking stamped, chiseled and filed designs. The five crosses are beautifully strung onto a lovely selection of old, colored European glass trade beads and the entire necklace is very finely finished with a perfectly-done and very comfortable “Pueblo”- style cotton wrap.

The necklace measures 14 1/2” from top to bottom measured lying flat on a table and it is approximately 26” in circumference all the way around. The colored glass beads vary somewhat in size, but most are around 1/2” in diameter. The five copper crosses each measure 2” in length and 1” in width. The necklace weighs an impressive, yet very comfortable, 161 grams or 5 5/8 ounces. Four of the five copper crosses are marked on the back with Greg Lewis’ arrowhead hallmark. It is likely that he simply forgot to sign the fifth one. The necklace is in excellent original condition overall. One of the copper crosses has some slight natural green surface oxidation which could be easily removed, if desired. One of the old glass trade beads is slightly, but charmingly, misshapen.

This necklace is a distinctive and delightful contemporary interpretation of a unique and classic historic Pueblo tradition and form with metalwork made by one of the most talented Native American jewelry artists at work today.

Price $925

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