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An Hermes of Paris small briefcase or handbag, 

in medium-brown “Taurillon Clemence” leather, 2006

Hermes refers to this lovely small jewel as a “Sac a Depeches 27”. It is essentially a “baby” briefcase or medium-sized handled handbag, this is a bag which could be carried to equally great effect by either a man or a woman.

We are the original owners of this wonderful piece. We purchased it brand new on April 6, 2006 at the Hermes boutique on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California. Since then, it has always been faithfully stored in its original Hermes protective “sleeper” cloth bag and original Hermes cardboard box and carried perhaps a maximum of 4-5 times and then always very carefully. It is essentially in “as-new” original condition with nothing at all that could even remotely be called "damage". There is what appears to be a very small abrasion at the lower right front corner, a small scuff at the top right edge of the interior pocket and a few, almost microscopic dots of an unknown white material on the back and on a small area inside. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being absolutely perfect, we would conservatively rate this bag as being a 9.8.

The bag is a medium-brown in color. We would describe it as being sort of a milk chocolate or mocha hue (The original Hermes receipt for the bag says “Brie”) and it is accented all around with meticulously-detailed, beautiful white stitching. The bag measures 27 centimeters or 10 1/2” in width, 9 1/2” in height to the top of the handle and it is

2 1/2” deep. It features a beautiful Palladium-coated clasp closure marked "Hermes-Paris". The nearly spotless leather and suede interior is divided into two pockets, a large one in back and a smaller one in front. The bag is properly marked with its blind-embossed year stamp “J” for 2006 and "U04" for the individual craftsman's code under the leather tab front closure.

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The fortunate purchaser of this outstanding piece will receive it just as it came from the Hermes Beverly Hills boutique; packed in its two original Hermes orange cloth sleeper bags (one for the bag itself, another for the clochette) and Hermes orange cardboard box which are also both in perfect, original condition and accompanied by its original Hermes sales receipt and paper folder. Hermes bags such as this one are increasingly difficult to purchase today in Hermes boutiques, the demand is extremely high and the minuscule number made each year are snapped up instantly. They appear in the boutiques on a highly irregular schedule, if at all, and preference is almost always given to well-known, longtime Hermes customers so the opportunity to purchase one might easily take a couple of years. This is a unique, exceptionally-stylish, easily wearable and immediately obtainable piece created by the greatest leather-goods maker in the world, the platinum standard of fine craftsmanship and enduring beauty. 

Price $3,200

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