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A rare and exceptional Hermes of Paris 30cm Ostrich-skin

leather Birkin bag in “Potiron” (Hermes Orange), 2005

This is one of the greatest icons in the history of the fashion world, an Hermes Ostrich-skin leather Birkin bag in Hermes’ signature orange color, “Potiron”. Birkin bags in exotic skins such as Ostrich, Lizard, Crocodile and Alligator are among the most valued and coveted hand-crafted objects the renowned house of Hermes makes and they have been rising sharply in price over the past several years as ever-increasing worldwide demand overwhelms the very limited supply. An extraordinary amount of old-world care is lavished upon every detail of these bags. The standard of quality and craftsmanship evident in this Ostrich Birkin is almost impossible to believe. The appearance, texture, and color of the leather is absolutely fantastic and the bag has gorgeous gold-plated hardware to accentuate it; strap hinges, post, lock, keys, feet. The bag bears the Hermes year-stamp “I” for the year 2005, and, though it is now almost ten years of age, it is essentially in “like-new” original condition.

Both exterior and interior are completely clean, nearly immaculate. There is almost no wear at all. There is the tiniest amount of scratching on the gold strap handles and feet and some nearly imperceptible discoloration on the underside of the carrying handles. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being absolutely perfect, we would, conservatively-speaking, rate this bag as being a 9.7-9.8. Naturally, it comes with its original, ostrich-leather bound lock and clochette (keys and lanyard). The bag measures 30cm or 11 1/2” inches in width across the bottom at the widest part, it is 9” in height with

a 4” handle drop for a 13” height measured from bottom to top and it is just slightly less than 6” in depth at the very bottom of the bag. There is one interior, suede-lined zipper pocket and an additional, suede-lined open pocket which has

a small stain on its interior.

This 30cm bag is the perfect size for a Birkin in our view, large enough to carry just what one needs for day or evening wear, yet small enough to be handled easily. The bag is properly marked with the “Hermes Paris” logo on the front and it is also properly blind year-stamped “I” for 2005 and is also marked with the individual craftsman’s code “3SC” on the underside of the leather strap closure. This Birkin will come securely packed in its original protective orange cloth handle cover, inside its two original Hermes orange cloth sleeper bags (one for the bag itself, a smaller one for the clochette) inside a large orange Hermes cardboard box (We are not 100% sure that this is the bag’s original box.)

Exotic leather Birkin bags such as this one are virtually impossible to buy today in Hermes boutiques, the demand is unbelievably high and the minuscule number of them made each year are snapped up instantly. They appear in the boutiques on an irregular schedule, if at all, and preference is almost always given to well-known, longtime Hermes customers so the opportunity to purchase a new one, especially such an exotic and desirable one as orange ostrich-skin with gold hardware, might easily take several years. This is a most unique, exceptionally-fine and stylish piece even for Hermes whose standards are the highest in the world. It is the perfect chance to acquire an absolutely sensational piece of ultra-high fashion beauty, prestige and history with instant and complete gratification, no waiting.

Price $27,500

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