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An exceptionally beautiful 35CM Hermes of Paris “Kelly” handbag hand-crafted of Taurillon Clemence calfskin leather with Palladium-coated hardware, 2004

Named originally for the great American movie star, Grace Kelly, Hermes Kelly bags are one of the supreme fashion icons of the world and this gorgeous Kelly Jaune (yellow) is a marvelous example. The bag is perfectly crafted in soft, supple Hermes proprietary “Taurillon Clemence” calfskin leather in a stunning shade of rich, vibrant yellow. Hermes’ Taurillon Clemence leather has a fine “buttery” feel with a nice even grain. Due to the grain, it will not show scratches as a smooth leather would. Clemence is also somewhat smoother and softer than other grainy leathers, with a comfortably lighter weight. This bag is properly dated with Hermes’ customary blind stamping on the back of the closure strap with an “H” in a square for 2004.

Hermes legendary handbags, made in their unique and classic designs by the world’s finest artisan craftsman, using the world’s finest and most expensive materials in extremely limited numbers not only are the ultimate fashion accessory, they are extremely desirable, valuable works of wearable art, and, as such they hold their value steadily, and in many cases, actually even gain value, sometimes quite a lot, over time. So high is the demand for Hermes’ limited supply of their most iconic bags such as the Kelly and the Birkin, that unless one is prepared to wait on a waiting list for many months or several years, Hermes bags must be bought in private sales or at auction as they are simply almost never available in Hermes boutiques.

It is nearly impossible to just walk in and buy one (Believe us, we have tried this often.) On the rare occasion when a particular Hermes boutique does get a good example of one of their iconic bags in a great color such as this one, it almost always disappears immediately long before it ever reaches the floor, sold with a phone call or two and a brief private showing to one of the boutique’s longstanding favored customers.

This 35cm Kelly is the perfect size handbag in which to comfortably carry one’s every day essentials in the height of timeless style. It measures 35cm or slightly over 13 3/4” in width at the bottom of the bag and is 9 1/2” in height measured from the bottom to the top of the body of the bag or 14”, measured from the bottom of the bag to the top of the handle. The handle “drop” is 4 1/2”. The bag is 5 1/2” in depth at the bottom. Naturally, the bag comes with all of its original and proper equipment; long detachable (35” in length, 1/2” width) leather strap with palladium clasps for wearing it over the shoulder or cross body style, the leather “clochette” or key fob with its two original keys and the beautiful palladium-coated lock and four palladium-coated “feet”. The bag also has a large hidden zipper compartment on the inside back for conveniently safeguarding one’s most important items and a two non-zippered pockets on the inside front. The bag, strap, clochette, lock, keys and feet are all in outstanding, nearly-pristine original condition with only the tiniest amount of wear; just a couple of extremely miniscule marks and scuffs.

In 2015, we obtained an official price estimate on this bag from the specialists at Christie’s auction house in New York City. Their official auction estimate was between $6,000 and $8,000. It is important to keep in mind that such auction estimates are always intentionally given on the low side of what the auction house thinks the piece would actually sell for in order to encourage more active bidding.

Included along with the purchase of this beautiful handbag are an original Hermes orange “sleeper” soft flannel storage bag and the characteristic Hermes of Paris orange cardboard storage box, both of which are also in excellent original condition.

Get ready for a non-stop stream of compliments and lots of head-turning stares as well as discreet nods of approval from others lucky enough to have Hermes bags of their own. This bag is a fashion prize you will be able to keep and enjoy in the height of international style literally for as long as you live.

Price $6,750

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