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A historic Acoma Pueblo wooden

weaving set, circa 1890-1920

This is a rare and wonderful piece of Pueblo material culture, the actual tools used to weave the historic garments of the people in an ancient Pueblo community. Acoma Pueblo, located about 100 miles west of Albuquerque in West Central New Mexico vies with Old Oraibi village on the Hopi Reservation in northern Arizona for the title of the oldest continually-inhabited settlement in the United States with a documented occupation spanning well over 800 years. This is only the third complete weaving set of this nature that we have ever seen and it's by far the best one.

It consists of four large weaving battens, two heddle sticks and a fabulous old weaving comb, all painstakingly hand-carved of native cedar, juniper and greasewood. All of the wood surfaces have the almost-magical, lustrous, soft patina that old weaving tools get from decades of exposure to the lanolin in the wool and constant contact with the weaver's hands. There's great wear on all the pieces and they have a somewhat reddish cast, either dyed or stained in some way that we have seen before on old weaving tools from Acoma. We have never seen this color on Navajo weaving tools that haven't found their way to Acoma and its existence is something of an unexplained mystery. This set has been very well-used and well-loved over the generations. It comes wonderfully packaged in a vintage 100 lb. General Mills cloth flour sack.

Interestingly, every complete weaving set we have ever seen, whether Pueblo or Navajo in origin, has been housed in an old cloth flour sack. The 4 battens and 2 heddle sticks measure approximately 30-32" in length each, the lovely little weaving comb is 6" in length. The set is in excellent original condition with a fine aged patina from wear and use.

Price $1,850 for the complete set, sold as a set only

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