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A wonderful and rare historic pair of Navajo

silver “Hoop and Ball” style earrings, c.1910-1920

A SOLID MAINSTAY of Southwestern “fashion” and high style since the 1890’s are these fabulous Navajo “hoop and ball” style silver earrings. In historic photo after historic photo of Navajo and Pueblo Indians, you can see that pretty much anyone who was anyone in the Southwestern Native American world owned a pair of these and they were prized and worn equally by women and men.

They were worn a little differently in those somewhat rougher days, however; the silver hoop was slightly open at the top allowing the hoop to actually pass completely THROUGH the earlobe and hang directly from the ear in that basic manner but the usual conversion has been nicely done here, soldering the ends of the silver hoop together and attaching a silver hanging loop and hooks thus making the earrings safe and comfortable for modern day wear.

The handmade silver wire hoops each measure slightly over 1 1/8” in diameter and the two-piece handmade silver beads are 1/2” in diameter. The total hanging length of the earrings from the top of the hook to the bottom of the ball is approximately 2”. The earrings weigh a very comfortable 3 grams or 1/8 ounce each and they are in excellent condition.

These earrings are a rare and beautiful example of old, traditional Southwestern Native jewelry at its

most striking and attractive; completely in vogue for well over a century now and still going strong today. No passing whims of fashion here, these are the tried and true enduring classics.

Price $1,475

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Hopi man at Mishongnovi Village, c. 1903-1911

Photo © Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago IL

A Zuni Pueblo man, 1899

Photo © A.C. Vroman, “Dwellers at the Source”, UNM Press, 1973.