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A Mexican Folk Art abstract mountain lion sculpture, circa 1900-1910?

This beautiful large folk art sculpture of a mountain lion was painstakingly hand-carved out of the rare and difficult-to-work hard wood known as “Sabino” or Mexican Cypress.

Most of the large old-growth Sabino trees in Mexico had disappeared by the 1860’s, having been cut down for use in making hacienda doors, shutters, chests, benches, tables and other furniture during the 18th and early 19th centuries. Sabino wood was and is highly prized for its hardness and durability, fine grain and for the wonderful silken patina it develops over time through use.

As the question mark above indicates, we are not completely certain of our date of attribution for this piece as it could easily have been made several decades earlier or possibly even a decade later. The Mountain lion figure measures 34” in length, 13” height and approximately 12” in width. From the elegance and natural grace of the animal form and the marks left on the wooden surface, it appears to have been hand-carved using an adze by an obviously talented, yet completely anonymous artist.

A very lovely piece with a realistic yet almost abstract quality which would be equally at home in a modern or historic setting.

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