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Original Historic photograph of The Hopi Snake Dance by George Wharton James, circa 1900


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An extremely rare and significant original Smithsonian Institution photograph of Comanche Indian Chief, Quanah Parker, by DeLancey W. Gill, circa 1895-1900


A rare, historic original black-and-white Smithsonian Institution photograph of an unknown Osage Indian man by DeLancey W. Gill



Historic Native American and other Western photographs by Edward S. Curtis, De Lancey W. Gill,  George Wharton James, A.C. Vroman, Karl Moon, Charles Lummis, Ben Wittick, Frank Rinehart, Laura Gilpin, Edward and Brett Weston, Ansel Adams, W. H. Jackson and others. Selected historic and modern landscape, fashion and art photography


An original historic photograph of well-known New Mexico woodcarver and Santero, George Lopez, c.1930's-40's


An early historic stereoview type photograph of a

Zuni Pueblo woman by John K. Hillers c.1870’s


A very early historic stereoview type photograph of renowned Hopi pottery-maker Nampeyo of Hano, c.1875