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A magnificent and expressive original period sepia-toned photograph of the great warrior chief and leader of the Oglala Sioux Indians, Makhpiya-Luta or Red Cloud (1822-1909) whose inspired combination of wisdom, bravery and skill helped his people to survive the unprecedented challenges forced upon them. This photo was taken by an unknown photographer late in Red Cloud’s life after he had been forced by the U.S. Government to settle on The Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. 

The photo itself measures 4” square and the framed dimensions are 11” by 10 1/2”. The photograph is nicely and archivally framed in a rustic natural wood frame. The photo shows water and other damage none of which really interferes with the incredible strength and pathos of the great warrior, Chief and statesman’s image.

This original photograph of one of the greatest leaders to ever walk on American soil is a unique, eloquent and powerful piece of America’s frontier history.

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A historic original photograph of Oglala

Sioux Indian Chief Red Cloud, circa 1895

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Red Cloud, c. 1880. Courtesy of South Dakota

State Historical Society

Red Cloud at Pine Ridge, c. 1895