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An exceptional, very large historic Hopi polychrome pottery

bowl by Paqua Naha, "Original Frog Woman”, circa 1915-1920

The 20th Century history of ceramic art at Hopi was dominated by two outstanding potters, both of whom were contemporaries, colleagues and friends and both of whom founded extensive and talented pottery-making dynasties which endure to this day; Nampeyo of Hano (1856-1942) and Paqua Naha (1890-1955) who is now more widely known as “Original Frogwoman”.

This stunning early bowl measures a very large 12” in diameter and is 4 1/4” in height. The bowl has an extraordinary positive/negative interior design, beautifully-detailed, complex painting, great coal-firing blushes and an exceptionally smooth, stone-polished surface. It is in generally excellent original condition with some age-appropriate abrasion and wear.

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It is unsigned as befits its early date. Hopi and most other Pueblo potters only began signing their work

in the 1930’s primarily at the urging of various anglo museum curators and archaeologists. The bowl has

an excellent provenance, the old, black-bordered "From the Hopi Villages” paper sticker affixed to the underside of the bowl indicates that at some point in its early history the bowl was purchased, very possibly from Paqua Naha herself, and then later sold by the prestigious Fred Harvey Company’s Indian Arts division at one of its famous trading posts around the Southwest. The handsome, custom-made black steel display stand pictured below is also included.

This splendid bowl is a bona fide, historic masterpiece by one of America’s finest Native pottery artists.

Price $6,250

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