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A wonderful and very elaborate historic New Mexican tin, glass and wallpaper nicho by Jose Maria Apodaca, c.1890-1910

This fantastic nicho by the greatest of all historic New Mexico tinsmiths, Jose Maria Apodaca (1844-1924) features fifteen surrounding glass panels containing fancy, multi-colored wallpaper decorated with nine red and silver-colored stamped tin appliquéd “flowers”.

The nicho measures 15” in height, 9 1/2” in width and is 3 1/2”in  depth. The nicho contains a historic New Mexican carved and painted wooden bulto by Jose Benito Ortega or a follower, also circa 1900-1910, and two beautifully-wrought-tin candle or flower holders. The nicho and bulto are in excellent original condition. This is and extremely beautiful, rare and historic piece.

Price $9,800

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