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A stunning, large 60 carat perfectly-matched pair of rare natural Blue Diamond Nevada turquoise stones

Blue Diamonds are definitely a turquoise lover’s best friend, particularly when they are as big and gorgeous as these beauties. Known colloquially as a “hat” mine because the turquoise deposit is so small you can cover it with your hat, Blue Diamond is one of the rarest and most desirable turquoise varieties in the world. Located just outside Austin, Nevada, Blue Diamond got its interesting name from the extreme hardness and durability of the stone, like a diamond. Blue Diamond turquoise was only mined in very small amounts for about 20-25 years from the late 1950’s until 1980 when the mine was permanently closed.

Blue Diamond has always been renowned among turquoise miners and aficionados as being some of Nevada’s finest turquoise which is saying quite a lot considering that Nevada is also home to the legendary Lander Blue, Nevada Blue, Burnham-Godber and #8 mines among numerous other very high quality mines. Blue Diamond turquoise was always rare and today with the demand for fine turquoise rising ever more rapidly to ever new heights, it’s even that much more so.

Blue Diamond Turquoise

The Blue Diamond mine, located in central Nevada, opened in the late 1950’s and was mined up to 1980. This mine is considered a “hat mine” of which there are very few. A hat mine is a small deposit of turquoise that, “you can cover with your hat.” The stones that the mine produces, which are usually large pieces of plate form, looks a great deal like Stormy Mountain turquoise because of its black smoky matrix. This stone features dark smoky matrix surrounded by a brilliant blue, The characteristic black chert is ever-present. This mine is now closed and buried under thousands of tons of rock.

-Photo and text source and © Waddell Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ. Gene Waddell is a longtime turquoise mine owner and one of the country’s foremost authorities on turquoise

A big diamond in the rough; high-grade, natural Blue Diamond turquoise specimen rough stone, 425 carats. 

Note: This stone is pictured for demonstration purposes only and is not for sale.

This wonderfully-cut and perfectly-matched gem-quality pair of Blue Diamond stones would make an incredible pair of earrings or pins or possibly some very daring rings in the hands of the right jewelry artist, Native American or otherwise. We would suggest mounting them in 18K gold settings, as we believe gold would accentuate and complement the rich color and character of these stones that much more than silver would.

The stones each measure an impressive 1 5/8” in length and they are 1/2” in width at their widest points and approximately 1/8” in thickness including the backing. Together, they weigh 14 grams or 60 carats. They are in pristine condition ready to make beautiful jewelry with right away or to just admire on their own.

And if that’s not enough, these stones don’t just have great looks, great quality and great scarcity, they also have a great history. We obtained them directly from the family of one of America’s most famous turquoise miners and traders, William H. (Lucky) Brown who for many years held the exclusive lease on the famed Morenci turquoise mine in southeastern Arizona. Turquoise mine owners regularly traded and still trade their stones for stones from other mines they admire and at some point Lucky or one of his family members traded some of their Morenci stones to the Blue Diamond Mine’s owners for these stones.

Beauty, rarity, history. What more can you ask for in a precious stone?

Price $875

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