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A superb and rare historic Navajo tufa-cast coin-ingot silver buckle of classic form and large scale, c.1920

They say that everything old is new again, meaning, of course, that classic things never go out of style and so it is with this marvelous, historic tufa-cast silver buckle which is as real old-style Navajo as it gets but still refreshingly modern too.

This rare old buckle wasn’t made to sell in a tourist gift shop. It was made around a century ago to go on a real old-style Navajo concho belt worn by a real old-style Navajo out on the vast expanses of the Southwestern desert. The craftsmanship is completely traditional and simply superb in every possible detail. Tufa-casting is one of the most painstaking and difficult of all the traditional Navajo silversmithing techniques and the silversmith who made this piece was a virtuoso at it. He began by meticulously hand-carving his design into a tufa stone mold, then he melted down a quantity of old American and/or Mexican silver coins and carefully poured the red-hot molten metal into the tufa mold.

This buckle was cast from melted-down historic American and/or Mexican silver coins like these.

In creating this piece he achieved a most graceful and elegant form with the ideal combination of strength, delicacy and proportion one looks for in fine tufa-casting. After carefully filing, shaping and smoothing the buckle’s surface, he decorated it all over with classic and beautifully-applied stamped, chiseled and filed designs. Even the perfectly hand-forged silver tang on the buckle is a work of art.

The buckle measures a very impressive 3 1/2” in height and a shade over 3 3/4” in width. It weighs an equally impressive 106 grams or 3 3/4 ounces, nearly a quarter pound of solid silver. The buckle can accommodate a belt of up to 1 1/8” in width and it is in excellent original, vintage condition with a beautiful, soft patina from its decades of age and use. This buckle would look equally attractive worn by a man with jeans and a t-shirt or by a woman over an elegant black cocktail dress.

The Navajo people have a wonderful, age-old saying which is to “Walk in Beauty”.

With this fine buckle on you will be able to do precisely that.

Price $4,500

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