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A magnificent Navajo silver and spiny oyster

shell ring by McKee Platero, 2015

This is flat-out one of the finest pieces that you will ever see from the world’s greatest living Navajo silversmith, the incomparable McKee Platero. It is outstanding in every way from its overall design conception to the tiniest technical details of its craftsmanship and construction, and, most uniquely, as you can see in the photos, the back of the ring which is completely covered with McKee’s wildly-creative engraved “doodles” is every single bit as interesting and beautiful as the front is. This is a full-on trophy masterpiece, a highest-quality and defining piece from one of the greatest Native artists ever.

The ring features a large, oval-shaped cabochon piece of lovely orange and red spiny oyster shell set in a gorgeously-sculpted, scalloped silver bezel which is further accentuated by a beautiful, thick, hand-twisted silver wire surround. The bezel platform is mounted atop an ornately-curved tufa-cast silver shank. The underside of the bezel platform is exuberantly decorated with an assortment of wonderful, tiny drawings of mountains, snakes, flowers, insects and stars. McKee’s full script signature and three-dot (or three-star, in this case) insignia are beautifully incorporated into this decorative panel. We have been buying and selling McKee Platero’s work for some 30 years now and we have never seen him do anything quite like this on a piece of jewelry. It is a completely unique artistic expression in our extensive experience and very special.

The ring measures size 10 on a professional, graduated ring sizer and it weighs a very substantial 46 grams or 1.62 ounces. The ring’s face is just shy of 2” in length and it is 1 3/8” in width at the widest point. The ring was purchased directly from McKee Platero in early 2015. It is in as-new original condition and it is properly signed “McKee Platero”, dated “2015” and marked with McKee’s three-star insignia on the underside.

This ring is a truly rare and magical piece so if you are interested it would be best to act in a timely manner. Like most unique and exceptional demonstrations of magic, this one is likely to disappear “presto” in a puff of smoke.

Price $7,250

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