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A large Sikyatki-style, “Chakoptewa” polychrome pottery Belt buckle

by Michael Peter Hawley, Scottsdale, Arizona, 1988

A marvelous and unusually exotic piece for all you Southwestern pottery afficionados! A large-scale, Sikytaki style ceramic belt buckle made by the great Scottsdale, arizona pottery artist, Michael Peter Hawley (1948-2012). We have had many of Michael’s wonderful Sikyatki-style jars and bowls over the years, but we have never seen a piece such as this one. Possibly, he made it originally for himself or as a special commission for a client or friend. Unfortunately, we can no longer ask him, but, knowing Mike as well as we did, we are certain he would have had plenty of interesting things to say about it!

Like all of Michael’s pottery pieces, although it is a modern form, it is entirely handmade in the ancient and completely traditional manner from clay hand-dug from the original, centuries-old clay beds on the Hopi mesas, hand-ground by Michael using only handmade stone tools of his own manufacture, hand painted using only a yucca fiber brush with pigments derived from plants and minerals native to the hopi mesas and completely hand-prepared by him. After painting, the piece was coal-fired using hot-burning lignite coal from the ancient Hopi coal beds on Antelope Mesa in an outdoor kiln Michael built himself. Michael Hawley’s ceramics are original modern ceramic artworks inspired and informed by ancient tradition, in no way are they copies or reproductions.

This large-scale piece measures 4 1/8” in height and 5 7/8’ in width. It is 1/4” thick and is subtly curved to fit the body. It will accommodate a belt of up to 1 1/2” in width. The buckle is in excellent original condition and is properly signed with Michael Hawley’s adopted Hopi name, “Chapkoptewa” and is dated 1988 on the back. Be the first on your block, your city or very possibly in the entire country, to have one of these.

Price $475

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