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A Hopi black-on-cream miniature jar by

“Old Rachel” Nampeyo, circa 1940’s-1950’s

A marvelous, small tradition at Hopi is the making of miniature pottery jars and bowls. This beautiful miniature olla was made by the legendary Nampeyo of Hano’s first granddaughter, Rachel Nampeyo.

Now affectionately referred to as “Old Rachel” to distinguish her from her young granddaughter, Rachel Sahmie Nampeyo, she was Nampeyo’s first granddaughter by her eldest Daughter, Annie Healing Nampeyo, and was an outstanding potter in every way.

“Old Rachel” grew up assisting her famous Grandmother in grinding clay and painting vessels and went on to make wonderful pottery in her own right as well as being Matriarch and pottery mentor to several succeeding generations of fine Hopi potters including her famous daughters Dextra Quotskuva Nampeyo and Priscilla Namingha Nampeyo as well as to Priscilla’s two talented daughters Nyla and Rachel Sahmie Nempeyo. This small jar measures 2” in diameter and 1 1/4” in height and is in excellent original condition. It is signed “RN” in

Old Rachel’s hand on the bottom.

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