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A large-scale turquoise nugget necklace,

probably made at Santo Domingo Pueblo, New Mexico from 101 natural Morenci, AZ. turquoise nuggets, shell heishi and silver beads, circa 1950’s-1960’s

This gorgeous, large-scale necklace is made from 101 polished nuggets of what appears to be natural Morenci, Arizona turquoise with its characteristic iron pyrite, or “fool’s gold” matrix. The nuggets are graduated in size from approximately 5/8” to 1” width and are in varying thicknesses. The necklace is strung on what looks like a nylon-coated metal wire and has a decorative accent of approximately 2 1/2” of medium brown shell, hand-rolled heishi beads and a long, narrow silver bead on each end culminating in a clasp closure.

The necklace measures 12 ½” from the top of the clasp to the bottom of the center nugget measured while lying flat. The overall length of the necklace measured end-to-end with the necklace opened up is 26 ½”. The necklace weighs 190.9 grams or 6.69 ounces and is in excellent original condition. This is a most beautiful and visually powerful necklace which would be equally and incredibly elegant worn with jeans and a tee shirt, a tight, black cocktail dress or almost anything in between or, for that matter, with nothing at all.

Price $2,150


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