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An outstanding 14-strand Navajo coral tube bead necklace with turquoise, coral and spondylus shell “Jacla” pendants, circa 1940’s-50’s

A particularly striking necklace composed of fourteen perfectly- matched strands of coral tube beads in the rich cantaloupe-orange color so favored by the Navajo as opposed to the deeper-red shade of coral generally preferred by the Pueblos. The turquoise beads in the “jacla” pendants are a particularly beautiful vibrant blue with a dark chert matrix and are possibly from the famed Blue Diamond Mine in Nevada.

The necklace measures 13” in length from the top of the wrap to the bottom of the coral beads and 16” in length from the top of the wrap to the bottom of the turquoise jaclas measured while lying flat on a table. The necklace’s overall circumference is approximately 26”. The necklace and jacla pendants together weigh a substantial yet quite comfortable 146 grams or 5 1/8 ounces.

Both the necklace and the jacla pendants are in excellent condition. The necklace has been rewrapped for safety with a dark brown “Pueblo”-style cloth wrap within the past ten years. Top-quality older coral necklaces such as this piece are getting rarer and more difficult to come by with every passing year and especially the larger ones like this piece with fourteen matched strands of coral as opposed to the far more common six or seven strands.

Price $4,200

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