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A vintage Navajo ingot-silver cuff bracelet by

The Navajo Arts and Crafts Guild, circa 1940’s

Another excellent and strikingly modern design from the famed jewelers of the Navajo Arts and Crafts Guild (NACG). Led by the outstanding Navajo jeweler and influential teacher, Ambrose Roanhorse, The Navajo Guild beginning in the 1940’s quickly established a well-deserved reputation for making exceptional quality traditionally-crafted Navajo jewelry with a decidedly modernist design bent. This bracelet is crafted of heavy ingot-silver and features a unique and unusual design with a large open central medallion. It is unclear whether or not this medallion was ever intended to be engraved with a name or initials or set with a stone, but it never was. The bracelet is also decorated with very elegantly done restrained stamp and repousee work along both sides of the shank.

The bracelet  measures 1 1/4” wide at the widest point tapering down to 3/4” in width at the terminals. The bracelet’s interior circumference end-to-end is 5 3/4” with a 1 1/4” gap between the terminals for a total interior circumference of 7”. It weighs a substantial, yet comfortable 54 grams or 1 7/8 ounces. The bracelet is in very good original condition for its seven-plus decades of age and it has clearly received a good amount of dedicated wear in its lifetime as it has a dent or two and some scratching here and there. The bracelet is properly marked on the interior with the word “Navajo” and several impressions of the Navajo Arts and Crafts Guild’s “Horned Sun” insignia.