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A wonderful historic Navajo Arts and Crafts

Guild silver bangle bracelet, c.1940’s

THE NAVAJO ARTS AND CRAFTS GUILD created some of the finest traditionally-made, yet remarkably

modern-looking Navajo silver jewelry of the 20th Century, as can be plainly seen here. This piece perfectly exemplifies the Guild’s guiding principles beginning with the mastery of traditional Navajo silversmithing techniques, methods and materials combined with a clean, elegant design aesthetic characterized by graceful, streamlined forms, of the predominant use of all silver with only the occasional and minimal use of set stones, use of only minimal and restrained applied “decoration” with fine stamp, chisel and file work. These are the defining principles initially laid out and instilled by the Guild’s brilliant co-Founder and first operational Director, the renowned Navajo silversmith and instructor, Ambrose Roanhorse (1904-1981), and passed on to a succession of talented students and apprentices who comprised a veritable all-star team of 20th Century Navajo silversmithing. To read more about the Navajo Arts and Crafts Guild please click here.

The gorgeously-contoured, semi-domed shank of this bracelet is very finely formed and most elegantly tapered. The shank has been carefully and most beautifully decorated down its center with a single row of carefully-applied stamp and chisel work designs; the restraint of using just this single row of applied design serves to perfectly highlight and accentuate the beauty and texture of the streamlined silver surface and the subtly curved and rounded shape of the silver shank. This bracelet is truly a triumph of fine craftsmanship and a clear, disciplined artistic vision.

The bracelet measures 5/8” in width at its widest center point and tapers down to a touch over 1/4” in width

at the terminals. The inner circumference end-to-end is 5 1/4” and the gap between the terminals is 1 1/8” for

a total interior circumference of 6 3/8”.  The bracelet weighs a very nice 36 grams or 1 1/4 ounces and it is extremely comfortable on the wrist. The bracelet is in excellent original condition with a wonderful pattern of age-appropriate wear and a fine, soft patina from decades of dedicated use. There is a small circular spot on the interior of the bracelet from an old silver test. The bracelet is properly marked on the interior with the Navajo Arts and Crafts Guild’s customary “Horned Sun” hallmark.

Beautiful. Historic. Modern. Classic. Comfortable. Unique. Rare.

All the ducks are lined up in a perfect row on this one.

Price $1,350

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