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A Navajo Folk Art “toy” revolver made of iron, juniper

wood and Native-tanned deer hide, circa 1920’s-1930’s

A wonderful and unique piece, this marvelous object is a real window into Navajo culture and its long experience with and co-existence alongside Western Anglo-American culture. The piece is clearly an attempt to recreate a Navajo child’s play gun out of found materials in the form of an Anglo revolver or “six-gun” of the type that would have been used by American soldiers or cowboys. The “gun” is made of a length of iron pipe or possibly a piece of cut-down old rifle barrel lashed to a “handle” made of a curved piece of Native Juniper or cedar wood with thongs of Native-tanned deerskin. The “trigger” is provided by an old farrier’s nail of the type used to shoe horses or in Northern New Mexico to fasten pieces of furniture together around the turn of the century.  The piece measures 13” in length and

5 3/8” in height. It is in excellent original condition with a fine patina from age and use.

Price $475

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