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An unusual Navajo ingot-silver and turquoise “double-row”

bracelet with 30 round turquoise stones, circa 1930’s

This gorgeous piece is a unique “doubletake”, so to speak, on the traditional Navajo silver and turquoise row bracelet. It’s sort of like having two great row bracelets in one. The silversmith who made this piece knew his business extremely well. The silver shank is beautifully-fashioned from coin-grade ingot-silver and is very finely stamped on either side of the turquoise rows.

The 30 blue, blue-green and green turquoise stones are precisely shaped and arranged to perfectly highlight both their similarities and variations in color. They are set in old-style “foldover” type silver bezels and decoratively interspersed with silver “raindrops”.

The bracelet measures 9/16” in width at the center tapering very slightly at the terminals.

The inner circumference end-to-end is 6 1/8”, the gap between terminals is 7/8” for an overall interior circumference of 7”. The bracelet weighs a very nice 48 grams or 1 3/4 ounces. The bracelet has an old trader code of initials “DRM” scratched into the back. It is in excellent original condition. In old time Indian-trader parlance, this one is a “goodie”. A very good “goodie” indeed.

Price $1,650

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