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A beautiful, tufa-cast Navajo silver bracelet,

circa 1930’s-1940’s

A lovely “little jewel”, this bracelet perfectly demonstrates how beautiful and fine tufa-cast silver can be. However, while a piece like this makes it look effortless, tufa casting on this level is really an extremely difficult and painstaking technique requiring great skill, as in this ambitious piece to succeed. Strength and delicate beauty are the goals here and this bracelet combines them perfectly.

The bracelet measures 7/8” in maximum width. It has an inner circumference of 5 1/8” end to end with a 7/8” gap between terminals for a total interior circumference of 6”. The bracelet weighs 31 grams or 1 1/8 ounces and is in excellent original condition with a fine patina from decades of wear.

Price $525

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