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A vintage Navajo pictorial weaving with an image

of the capital letter “H”, circa 1930’s-1940’s

This wonderful Navajo textile was most likely woven for a Prominent Navajo Reservation trader such as Fred Harvey, J.L. Huckel, Lorenzo or Roman Hubbell, John Houck, or any one of several traders from the large Hatch family. Either that, or it was possibly a special commission or gift for a client or friend whose first or last name began with an “H”.  Whoever it might have been woven for, it’s just a marvelous little piece which would make an equally perfect gift for a special “H” person today.

The textile measures 20” by 20”. It is woven from handspun native sheep’s wool and the colors are natural grey, white and dark brown with aniline-dyed red and umber. The weaving is in excellent original condition with a small amount of age-appropriate damage to the selvedge and no fading. All four original tassels are intact. So calling all you “H” People out there. Your moment has arrived.

Price $425

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