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An unusual Navajo or Zuni silver,

coral and turquoise belt buckle,

circa 1930’s-1950’s

A beautiful and unusual piece, this buckle is oriented vertically rather than the usual horizontal orientation. This allows for the use of a wider belt which gives the buckle an extremely dramatic and substantial appearance.

the buckle is beautifully decorated with a surrounding border consisting of nine large turquoise and four red coral cabochon stones set in individual silver bezels. The maker is unknown but the stonework bears a distinct resemblance to that of the great Zuni jeweler Dan Simplicio. the silver work is pretty heavy duty which leads us to believe it is Navajo made. This combination of heavy duty Navajo silverwork and Zuni-style stone inlay is characteristic of many pieces made for the great Zuni Indian Trader C. G. Wallace’s trading post from the 1920’s through the 1950’s and that is very possibly the origin of this piece.

The buckle measures 2 3/8” height, 2” width and weighs 62 grams or 2 1/4 ounces. It can accommodate a belt of up to 1 5/8” width. The buckle is in excellent original condition. This piece came to us directly from the collection of the outstanding dealer and collector of and longtime authority on historic Southwestern Native jewelry, Harold Jay Evetts, of Gallup, New Mexico.

Price $1,450

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