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Hopi Hemis Mana kachina doll,

circa 1940’s-50’s

A beautiful and expressive old Hopi Hemis Mana kachina doll from the 1940’s or 50’s.

The Hemis Mana kachina appears in the Niman or “Going Home” dance ceremony at the end of each summer when the Hopi Kachina spirits ritually leave the Hopi mesas and return to their “Home” in the San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff, Arizona.

This doll measures 8 1/4” tall and is in excellent original condition with a small piece missing from the figure’s left hair whorl.

The doll is unsigned but it bears a distinct resemblance to other signed dolls we have had by the great Hopi kachina carver James Kewanytewa, widely known as Jimmy K.

The blocky shape of the body, the style of the painting and the doll’s stance all remind us of Jimmy K. pieces but since it is impossible to know for certain we will just call it a great old 1940’s-50’s kachina doll and leave it

(and price it) at that.

Price $1,850

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