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A Historic goldtone photograph of Pike’s Peak, Colorado, circa 1910-1920

This is a rare and unusual little gem by an unknown photographer.

It is a beautifully composed image of the famous mountain Pike’s Peak flanked by the unusual red rock formations of the Garden of the Gods just outside Colorado Springs, Colorado. The image measures

3 1/8” by 4 ¾” and the framed dimensions are 4 ¼” by 5 5/8”.

The goldtone or “orotone” technique is a very expressive and beautiful technique perfected by the great American photographer Edward S. Curtis and involves printing the original photographic image on a glass plate backed with a mixture of powdered gold pigment and a viscous binding agent. This goldtone is in excellent original condition. There is a very faint stamp in faded red ink inscription on the backing paper which reads “Pike’s Peak”.

Price $375


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