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A superb pair of contemporary Navajo

silver earrings by Perry Shorty

Three important things to keep in mind about Perry Shorty’s incomparable Navajo silver jewelry: it’s completely gorgeous, it’s usually fairly expensive and it’s often quite hard to get. Perry Shorty sells out in mere minutes at virtually every single show he does for good reason; his designs and craftsmanship are simply superb, occupying the very pinnacle of the Native American art world and

these earrings are marvelous examples of what he does so well.

The silverwork here is just outstanding; with a marvelously designed organic shape coupled with complex, meticulously-detailed, traditional stamp, chisel and file work designs which perfectly accentuate the interesting curves of the earrings.

The earrings measure 1 1/8” in height and they are just slightly over 1/2” in width at their widest point and they weigh a very comfortable 5 grams or 1/8 ounce each. The earrings are mounted on silver posts. They are in excellent original condition and are properly signed “P. Shorty” in Perry Shorty’s characteristic cursive signature on the back of one earring.

This is an exceptionally attractive, meticulously-crafted, easy to wear pair of earrings from the hands

of one of the finest, most in demand Navajo jewelers of his (or any other) era; classic pieces you can wear happily every day and that you can appreciate more and more with every passing year. Your ears

and everyone who sees them with these earrings on will be eternally grateful.

Price $1,000

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