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An outstanding, vintage Navajo silver ring by Roger Skeet, Jr. set with an incredible, large Candelaria, Nevada spiderweb turquoise stone, circa 1950’s

Talk about turquoise power! One rarely ever sees such an electrifying stone. High-grade Candelaria spiderweb from Nevada is justifiably considered to be one of the finest gem turquoise varieties in existence and this stone is one of the most extraordinary examples that we have ever seen. Based on its impressive size (1” length, 3/4” width, 3/16” height over the bezel) and its very high-domed profile, we would estimate the weight of this stone at around 20-25 carats.

The ring’s maker is the famed Navajo silversmith, Roger Skeet Jr., (b.1933) who originally learned silversmithing from his talented father, the renowned Navajo silversmith Roger Skeet Sr. Skeet Sr. made jewelry for many years for the prominent Navajo and Zuni Indian trader, Charles Garrett (C.G.) Wallace. Roger Skeet Jr. worked for years alongside his father at C.G. Wallace’s until Skeet Sr.’s death in 1959. One of the main benefits of working for an important trader with a high-end clientele such as C.G. Wallace was having access to the finest quality materials and tools for making jewelry and it is quite likely that this is how this fantastic turquoise stone was originally acquired.

In this exceptional ring, Skeet Jr. set the large stone in a finely serrated silver bezel atop a triple chisel-split silver shank. The sides of the shank are capped with silver panels which are most beautifully and precisely decorated with stampwork designs. The ring measures size 11 3/4 on a professional graduated ring sizer and it weighs 11 grams or 3/8 of an ounce. The ring is properly signed “RS” on the interior and is also marked “Sterling”. It is in excellent overall condition with some minor and appropriate wear for its half-century or so of age.

This ring is an absolutely sensational piece in every way by one of Navajo silversmithing’s all-time greats. You might say that on a quality scale of 1-10, it’s an 11.

Price $1,275

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