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A San Felipe Pueblo, New Mexico pine side table painted with Pueblo Indian decorative motifs by B. Lucero, circa 1940’s-1950’s?

This sweet and beautiful little table poses a bit of a mystery. The San Felipe Pueblo which is located about midway between Santa Fe and Albuquerque, New Mexico is not particularly well-known for a woodworking tradition like the neighboring Pueblos of Santo Domingo and Cochiti. Also, the artist who made and signed the table,

“B. Lucero” is not known to us. It is quite possible that Lucero was a San Felipe Pueblo student either at the nearby Pena Blanca woodworking workshop outside Santo Domingo or possibly even at The Santa Fe Indian School.

Known or unknown though he may be, his table is a perfectly realized little gem, finely crafted of local pine wood. The table has a nicely dovetailed single drawer and a mortised lower shelf. Most interesting of all is the wonderful and extremely precise paint job using well-known and characteristic Pueblo Indian motifs of stepped terraces on the front and sacred clouds and rain designs on both sides. The table measures 20 1/2” in height,

15 1/4” in width and 11 1/4” in depth and is in excellent original condition. It is signed “B. Lucero, San Felipe Pueblo” on the back of the drawer.

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