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A contemporary 10-strand Santo Domingo Pueblo, NM necklace of hand-rolled black

jet and white shell “Heishi” beads

This is an outstanding example of contemporary Santo Domingo Pueblo jewelry making by an unknown, but clearly very talented artist. This is a modern-day reinterpretation of the ancient Anasazi black jet and white shell bead necklaces discovered by archaeologists around the turn of the century at Pueblo Bonito and Casa Rinconada in northern New Mexico’s Chaco Canyon.

This gorgeous necklace is composed of ten large strands of beautifully hand-rolled black jet and white clam shell beads interspersed in wonderful varied patterns. The necklace is finished with a dark cotton “Pueblo” style wrap. This extremely elegant necklace would look great when with a tee shirt and jeans or awesome with the right little black dress.

The necklace measures 15” from the top of the Pueblo-style wrap to the bottom of the shell beads measured while lying flat on a table. The necklace’s circumference is approximately 30” around. The necklace weighs a very comfortable 139 grams or 4 7/8 ounces. This is an outstanding quality, dynamite-looking piece of modern-day jewelry with a fascinating ancient heritage.

It offers an incredible amount of “bang” for the buck.


Price $1,150

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