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A beautiful contemporary Navajo silver

and turquoise ring by Tammy Nelson

TAMMY NELSON (b. 1957), the niece and student of the legendary Navajo silversmith McKee Platero, is a rapidly rising star in the world of Navajo jewelry as this lovely ring clearly demonstrates. Her design skills and the quality of her traditional craftsmanship are already excellent and it is plain to see the influence of her famous teacher and Uncle.

The ring is crafted of heavy silver and features a finely, triple-split-chiseled thick silver shank which has been further and interestingly decorated all the way around with a row of very nicely done stamp work designs. The ring is set with a beautiful, oval-shaped sky-blue spiderweb turquoise cabochon stone. We are not certain which mine this stone comes from but it is a very lovely shade of blue. The stone measures 1 1/16’’ in length and is 1/2” in width at the widest point. The stone setting has been further accentuated on both sides with six nicely-applied and fluted silver “raindrops”.

The ring is a size 7 to 7 1/4 on a professional ring sizer and weighs a solid but completely comfortable 16 grams or

5/8 ounce. The ring is in like-new original condition and it is properly signed with Tammy Nelson’s capital letter hallmark, “TN” and is also marked “Sterling”.

This is an extremely attractive and easily wearable piece of classically made modern Navajo jewelry by an up and coming silversmith who has learned from the very best and is well on her way to achieving greatness in her own right.

Price $600

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