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A contemporary Navajo abstract acrylic painting

entitled “The Warp” by Tony Abeyta, 2009

Navajo contemporary artist, Tony Abeyta, is completely on fire these days. He has a major, one-man museum exhibition currently on display in Arizona which follows fairly closely on the heels of his significant participation in another major museum exhibition at The Heard Museum in Phoenix. Abeyta was also the 2012 recipient of the New Mexico Governor’s Excellence in the Arts award, and was further recognized that year with a Native Treasure “Living Treasures” award by the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture in Santa Fe. His work can be found in and is avidly pursued by significant Museums and private collections across the country and around the world.

The reasons for all this acclaim are plain to see. Abeyta’s work is extraordinary in its quality and wide-ranging in its scope and ambition; from abstract to realist from traditional subject matter to complete modernism. This particular painting is a perfect storm so to speak, an extraordinary combination of Abeyta’s conceptual and cultural framework and his painting talents in a single work.

The painting is a total triumph of texture, color and form. Abeyta essentially “wove” in paint his own modern-day interpretation of a Navajo textile. It is at once a brilliant design idea and a masterful execution.

It introduces the revolutionary thought of weaving with paint or re-imagining a traditional, historic Navajo art form (hand-woven wool on a hand-made wooden loom) with another, more modern composition of inter-related and intersecting drips and streaks of Jackson Pollock-like black paint forming “the warp” or vertical foundation threads of the weaving.

Tony Abeyta showcasing some of  his other talents.

Photo courtesy of and copyright by Tony Abeyta

Abeyta skillfully manipulated the actual textures and thicknesses of the paint layers themselves from glossy to matte from thick to thin to convey a sense of depth and of intertwining with each other. The control, precision and interplay of the brushwork and the drip painting techniques Abeyta employed here are fascinating and give the painting a unique, tactile appearance which clearly evokes the material presence of a textile and the process of weaving it. It would be a truly fascinating exercise indeed, if it could ever be done, to see how an actual hand-woven Navajo textile executed in wool to this exact design and size might look.

The painting was created in acrylic paints on canvas and measures a good-sized 60” by 48”. It is signed "Tony Abeyta" and titled “The Warp” and dated “2009” on the verso. We purchased this painting from Tony Abeyta at his Santa Fe studio in 2009 just after it was completed. The painting went directly from his studio to our wall and it has remained there since then. It is in “like-new" original condition. We have never framed the painting, feeling that a frame would detract from, not enhance, its visual integrity, presentation and impact.

This painting is a unique, outstanding work by one of Native America’s finest, most imaginative contemporary artists.

Price available upon request