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A rare “U.S. Navajo 2” ingot-silver bangle bracelet made for the

C.G. Wallace Trading Post, Zuni, New Mexico, circa1938-1942,

likely by the renowned Navajo silversmith, Ambrose Roanhorse

An absolutely gorgeous, early 20th Century Navajo silver bangle-style bracelet made for one of the most prestigious trading posts in the Southwest by a master silversmith, most likely Ambrose Roanhorse; silversmith, jewelry instructor and original co-founder of the Navajo Arts and Crafts Guild. Roanhorse lived and worked in the Fort Wingate-Gallup area of Western New Mexico and was known to have worked for C. G. Wallace. This bracelet bears all the hallmarks of Roanhorse’s excellent Navajo silverwork, a disciplined, balanced and traditionally-based “revival-style” design in all silver with perfectly-executed, restrained stampwork and turned-up-at-the-end terminals.

The bracelet measures 7 1/6” in continuous width all around. The interior circumference end-to-end is 5 1/2” with a

1 1/8” gap between the terminals for an overall interior circumference of 6 5/8”. It weighs an extremely comfortable 23 grams or 3/4 ounce. The bracelet is in excellent original condition and it is properly marked “U.S. Navajo 2”, which was the U.S. Governments’s specific numeric designation for C. G. Wallace’s trading post. (Wallace also simultaneously held the “U.S. Zuni 1” designation.) The “U.S. Navajo 2” stamp was affixed to this bracelet by Ambrose Roanhorse himself, who, as the official Navajo representative of the Government’s Indian Arts and Crafts Board was responsible for certifying the quality of all the Navajo silverwork created under the IACB’S “U.S. Navajo” program. Accordingly, Roanhorse forged all the official “U.S. Navajo” numeric stamps himself and he also applied them to the pieces of jewelry that he certified for sale in the various Government-authorized trading posts throughout the Southwest. This is a classic, completely easy-to-wear and extremely historic piece that can be enjoyed on one’s wrist every single day.

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