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A pair of contemporary Hopi 18K gold “signature”

stud earrings by Verma (Sonwai) Nequatewa

A gorgeous pair of precious 18K gold stud earrings by the great Hopi jeweler, former apprentice to and niece and colleague of, the renowned Charles Loloma (1921-1991). After Charles’ death, Verma inherited and has continued to run his studio as his designated heir under the name “Sonwai” which

he chose for her with a very specific purpose which relates directly to these earrings.

These are Verma’s version of the so-called “signature” stud earrings that Loloma created using his own signature as the decorative design back in the 1980’s. “Loloma” is the male form of the Hopi word for “Beauty” and “Sonwai” is the female form, so it’s especially appropriate that these beautiful earrings bear this lovely and meaningful signature as their design motif. They are in essence a visual manifestation of Verma’s continuation of Charles’ artistic legacy.

The earrings measure ½” square and they weigh a very comfortable 3 grams or 1/8 ounce each.

They are in new, original condition. They are properly signed “Sonwai” on the front and are also marked “18K” on the back.

These are gorgeous, classic, pieces of jewelry art which you can wear every day by one of the Southwest’s most talented and accomplished artists. “Beauty”, indeed.

Price $975

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A pair of original Charles Loloma 18k gold “signature” stud earrings, circa 1980’s