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A vintage Atelier Chanel red and navy blue quilted calfskin leather envelope-style handbag with an unusual extendable leather thong carrying handle

A really unique and marvelously-crafted iconic piece from the legendary Atelier Chanel of 31Rue Cambon, Paris, this bag exhibits all the exuberant creativity, stylish flair and quality, old-world craftsmanship that make Chanel’s purses and bags one of the world’s high-fashion standard bearers.

The envelope-style bag’s exterior is made of a wonderful, soft, quilted red and navy blue fine calfskin leather stitched in an interesting allover diamond pattern with the famous Chanel opposed double “C” logo at the center. The bag’s interior is in the same dark Navy calfskin leather as the exterior and features a single long zipper pocket at the back. The interior of the bag is virtually spotless. The pointed front envelope flap of the bag closes easily and securely with a simple, magnetic snap closure.

This interesting bag features a most unique, extendable handle that functions as a means for carrying the bag as a handbag or clutch and then ingeniously extends out so that the bag can be worn over the shoulder as a shoulder bag. The handle is composed of a group of six parallel, finely-executed smooth calfskin leather thongs, 3 red and 3 Navy, matching the bag’s colors, and the handle is trimmed at the bottom with round brass loops.

When the handle is fully extended, the handle “drop” is 17 1/2” from the top edge of the bag. The bag measures 9” in width and 8” in height measured from the bottom of the bag to the top of the handle and it is 2 3/4” deep at the bottom of the bag. It is in excellent vintage condition with nothing that could really be called damage and only a slight amount of wear, perhaps a scuff or two and a small amount of discoloration to the red leather logo panel in front, barely visible at all. The bag is properly marked with the Chanel opposed double “C” logo on the front and is also stamped “Chanel” and “Made in Italy” in gold on the interior. There is also a tag with the bag’s Chanel official identification number affixed to the inside of the interior pocket.

The lucky purchaser of this lovely bag will also receive its original, official Chanel numbered “Carte D’Authenticite” which precisely matches the number on the interior tag.

This is a classic, extremely elegant and versatile bag from one of the world’s greatest fashion companies and it would be a joy to own and wear on all manner of occasions for decades to come.

Price $1,175

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