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A vintage Navajo, Pueblo or possibly, Mexican, Sterling

silver and turquoise ring, circa 1940’s-50’s

Normally, we would say that this lovely ring is Navajo right off the bat but the fineness, elegance and

a certain delicacy of proportion makes us think that it could also  possibly be Pueblo in origin and the teensy-tiny “.925” stamp (for Sterling silver) on the interior of the ring makes us also think that it could even by chance be Mexican since use of such a stamp is generally much more common in Mexican silver jewelry than it is in Navajo or Pueblo. Or perhaps most likely, it could easily be a crossbreed of sorts as was often the case in the polyglot melting pot of the Southwest, a half-Navajo/Half mexican silversmith working on either side of the border, a Mexican smith working at a shop in Tucson or likewise a Navajo smith working in Nogales. What ever it is, it’s just a great-looking ring with marvelous patina and wear at a price that wont make you fall off your chair.

The ring measures between a size 9 1/2 and 9 3/4 on a professional ring sizer and it features a really lovely, large greenish-blue oval-shaped turquoise stone which itself has wonderful wear and patina.

The stone could possibly be from a number of different mines, our favorite candidate is The Sleeping Beauty Mine in Arizona although the stone also has certain characteristic of Bisbee, Arizona or even Royston, Nevada. While the stone appears to have a couple prominent cracks in the surface a close examination of the surface under high magnification reveals this not to be the case. Instead, there are two thin “ribbons” of the natural brown matrix running through that area of the stone near the side edge of the ring. This possibly gives a bit of a nod towards Royston, Nevada as the source since Royston turquoise can fairly often be found in an unusual variant known as “ribbon-top” in which narrow veins of brownish, yellowish or sometimes grey-ish matrix run in thin confetti-like “ribbons” throughout the stone often in most unusual configurations.

The ring is in generally very good original condition with a great deal of dedicated wear. There are a couple of small dents at the base of the silver shank from being banged around over the years but they pose no particular difficulty. The ring weighs an extremely comfortable, yet nicely-weighted 12 grams of 3/8 ounce and it is unmarked save for the tiny “.925” stamp on the interior.

It has a particularly soft “feel” on the hand like the jewelry equivalent of your favorite old pair of loafers or flats. If you want a great-looking ruggedly elegant (or elegantly rugged) Southwestern silver and turquoise ring to wear on virtually any occasion from Tuxedo or cocktail dress to cutoffs, look no further. Your finger will thank you and your friends will admire not only your excellent and discriminating taste, but your fiscal brilliance as well.

Price $245

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