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A beautiful, vintage Navajo tufa-cast silver

and turquoise belt buckle, c.1920’s-30’s

This wonderful buckle sits at the precise intersection of beauty, history culture and fashion; it essentially encompasses all of these covering all the bases. First, it’s an extremely attractive piece with a great streamlined form. Second, it is completely historic, traditionally and classically made in the early 20th Century using age-old Navajo silversmithing techniques from melted-down silver coins cast into a hand-carved tufa stone block, then carefully hammered and filed into its finished form and set with two gorgeous blue-green turquoise stones. The stones are set in old-style “fold-over” type bezels. Finally, the buckle was beautifully decorated with lovely stamp and chisel work designs.

The buckle measures 3 5/8” in width and is 2 3/4” in height. It can accommodate a belt of up to

1 1/8” in width. It weighs 57 grams or 2 ounces. It is in excellent original vintage condition.

Naturally, all of the consummate artistry and technical sophistication lavished upon this piece makes the buckle a complete fashion statement; it can be worn anytime, anywhere by a man or a woman with pants or over a shirt or dress and always be in the height of elegance and style.

Price $1,150

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