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“Taos Indian Riders in a Taos Landscape”, n.d.

An original oil painting on artist’s board by William H. Dunton,

Taos, NM, circa1920’s-30’s

WILLIAM HERBERT DUNTON (1878-1936), also known as “Buck”, was the youngest member of the six original founders of the now world-renowned Taos Society of Artists which was founded in 1915. A former student of his fellow TSA member, E.L. Blumenschein at The Arts Students League in New York, Dunton first established a summer studio in Taos in 1912 and then moved there permanently in 1914.

This lovely small painting is a pure Western art lover’s dream; a characteristic and classic Dunton work suffused with a strong feeling of place and space and endless time. It’s a wonderful composition with a luscious paint surface and a vibrantly-colored rich palette applied with fine confident brushwork. The composition features several horseback mounted Taos Indian riders moving through the chamisa bushes and pinon trees at sunset, their geometric forms blending in almost perfect camouflage with the contours, colors and shadows of the vegetation and rolling desert hills, much in keeping  with the fairly romantic Taos painter’s idea of the Native Americans as being one with and inherently part of their age-old landscape. However romantic the general idea might be viewed, this particular painting is very dynamic and modern in its presentation here with bold repeating geometric forms, vigorous brushwork and sense of power in and emanating from the landscape. This small work is an accomplished and fully finished painting, not a simple landscape sketch or loose study, although Dunton left behind several sketches and exploration studies of similar subject matter.

“The West has passed…more’s the pity. In another 25 years, the old-time westerner will have gone too—gone with the buffalo and the antelope. I’m going to hand down to posterity a bit of the unadulterated real thing.”

-W. H. Dunton

The painting measures 5 1/4” by 8” (sight) and its framed dimensions are 11 1/4” by 13 1/2”. The painting is in excellent original condition, a thorough examination under UV light reveals no restoration or overpainting.

The painting is properly signed “Dunton” at lower left. It is also inscribed “by Herbert Dunton” in pencil in an unknown hand on the verso. The painting is perfectly and beautifully framed in a 22K gold gilded classic Newcomb-Macklin style frame by Goldleaf Framemakers of Santa Fe, Santa Fe’s finest art framers.

This is an exceptionally vibrant and powerful painting, quite simply a wonderful old original Taos gem.

Price available upon request


The Original Taos Society Of Artists, c. 1915

Back row left to right: E.L. Blumenschein, Eanger Irving Couse, Bert G. Phillips, William

Herbert (Buck) Dunton. Front row left to right: Ernest Martin Hennings, Joseph Henry Sharp

Photo source and copyright: Couse/Sharp.org